American Annals of the Deaf

The American Annals of the Deaf is a journal focusing on the education of the deaf. Founded in 1847, it is published quarterly with spring, summer, fall and winter issues. The journal is published by the Conference of Educational Administrators Serving the Deaf at Gallaudet University Press. Subjects include: Hearing and Speech. The editor is Donald F. Moores.

Articles from Vol. 144, No. 3, July

A Deaf Child's Language Acquisition Verified through Text Retelling
The researchers studied a method of mediation with a deaf second grader. Language needs were identified through transcription of the child's retellings of weekly basal stories. These were either targeted for adult-mediated conversations during reading...
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Editorial: Many Stories
After the release of data from the Annual Survey of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Youth, it has been my custom to comment on trends in a brief editorial. There are so many things happening in terms of demographics, ethnic/racial identity, school...
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Evaluation of Captioning Features to Inform Development of Digital Television Captioning Capabilities
With rapid advances in digital technology, the broadcast television industry will soon be providing cinema-quality sound and video in the home. Given this technological advance, how should captions change to better serve consumers who are deaf or hard...
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New Medical Technology: To What Does It Lead?
This article is based on an invited lecture to the professional conference and seminar arranged by the Skddalen Resource Center for Special Education of the Hearing Impaired and the Deaf-Blind and the Department of Special Education, University of Oslo,...
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Removing Barriers and Building Bridges: American Deaf Interns Teaching Chinese Deaf Children
Two deaf American student-teaching M.A. candidates did an internship at a school for the Deaf in China. This was the first such internship ever done in China. Critical procedures for establishing international internships are described; cultural and...
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Resilience and Success among Deaf High School Students: Three Case Studies
Case studies are presented of deaf high school students who were identified as "outstandingly successful" in a national survey. In the analysis of case histories, a subgroup of students had achieved success despite numerous stressful circumstances. Students...
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Teacher Educators in Deaf Education: Why They Entered Higher Education and Their Current Priorities and Accomplishments
The study presents information on why teacher educators in deaf education move from school classrooms to universities. These educators' priorities as university faculty are examined in regard to teaching, scholarship, and service; their scholarly productivity...
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The Educational Attainments of Deaf Students in Mainstream Programs in England: Examination Results and Influencing Factors
The author reports findings of an investigation into educational outcomes of 16year-old deaf students in mainstream programs in England in 1995 and 1996. Data on examination results, communication competence, and social acceptance were collected by questionnaire...
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