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Articles from Vol. 27, No. 2, Winter

Dodging the Question: The Supreme Court's Refusal to Commit to a Universal Interpretation of the Accrual of the Statute of Limitations for Civil RICO
I. INTRODUCTION In 1970, the United States Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) as Title IX of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970.1 This act became a popular tool for plaintiffs in private lawsuits in the...
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Health Maintenance Organizations and Physician Financial Incentive Plans: Should Physician Disclosure Be Mandatory?
I. INTRODUCTION "In all my treatment I will strive so far as lies in my power for the benefit of the patients. And I will restrain myself from things which are injurious to them, or are likely in my opinion to do them harm."1 Physicians take this language...
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Lurking in the Shadows: The Hidden Issues of the Securities and Exchange Commission's Regulation FD
I. THE SEC's VIEW OF SELECTIVE DISCLOSURE: THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION In the not-so-distant past, issuers of publicly held securities often would selectively disclose material nonpublic information to analysts and other securities market insiders in...
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Medical Pornography of Fair Warning: Should the United States Adopt Canada's Gruesome New Tobacco Labels?
I. INTRODUCTION In 2000, Canada introduced anti-tobacco regulations1 under its Tobacco Act2 that require warning messages to cover up half of all cigarette packages.3 The regulations took effect in January 2001.4 The warning messages range from graphic...
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The Non-Correlation between Board Independence and Long-Term Firm Performance
ABSTRACT The boards of directors of American public companies are dominated by independent directors. Many commentators and institutional investors believe that a "monitoring board," composed almost entirely of independent directors, is an important...
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Viewing the LTV Steel ABS Opinion in Its Proper Context
I. INTRODUCTION In early 2001, Wall Street was rocked by In re LTV Steel Company, Inc.1 (hereinafter "LTV Steel ABS Opinion"), an opinion issued by the bankruptcy court adjudicating the Chapter 11 cases of LTV Steel Company, Inc.2 and affiliated companies.3...
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