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Articles from Vol. 18, No. 2, Fall/Winter

BETWEEN TEXTS AND MATERIAL THINGS: Using First-Hand Experience to Interpret Material Culture in Teaching Religion
Between Heaven and Earth: The Religious Worlds People Make and the Scholars Who Study Them.ROBERT A. ORSI. PRINCETON AND OXFORD: PRINCETON UP, 2005.The Land of Remorse: A Study of Southern Italian Tarantism.ERNESTO DE MARTINO. TRANSLATED AND ANNOTATED...
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IMAGINING INDIAN NATIONS: Native American Self-Representation
Casino and Museum: Representing Mash-antucket Pequot Identity.JOHN J. BODINGER DE URIARTE. TUCSON: U OF ARIZONA P. 2007.Public Native America: Tribal Self-Representation in Museums, Powwows, and Casinos.MARY LAWLOR. NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ: RUTGERS UP, 2006.The...
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The Spring/Summer 2007 issue of Transformations was our last general issue. Starting with this issue, we will be focusing exclusively on special topics. Issues devoted to Teaching the City, Teaching the Body, Teaching Performances, and Teaching Nation...
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Lessons in Material Culture
An Italian American Odyssey, Life line filo della vita: Through Ellis Island and Beyond.B. AMORE. NEW YORK: THE CENTER FOR MIGRATION STUDIES, 2006.The Empire of Things: Regimes of Value and Material Culture.FRED MYERS, ED. SANTA FE: SCHOOL OF AMERICAN...
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L'ISOLA DELLE CORRENTI1: Sicily, Photography, and the Classroom
On the furthest corner of southeastern Sicily is a place where two seas come together, their waves rolling toward the shore from separate directions, their paths finally meeting at a rocky beach called L'isola delle Conenti.Year after year, the land...
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PICTURING DIFFERENCE: Classroom Explorations of Otherness through National Geographic Images
If photographs are messages, the message is both transparent and mysterious.Susan Sontag, On PhotographyLiberal education is a vigorously contested concept in the post-9/11 world. Some conservative critics worry that the hegemony of left-leaning, postmodernist...
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TEACHING FASHION AND FEMINIST THEORY: The Pedagogical Promise of Ambivalence
There is an uncharacteristic enthusiasm in one set of evaluations of my women's studies courses in 2006-07. This set of fifteen or so forms is riddled with exclamation marks, smiley faces, and other articulations of student pleasure. Whereas both courses...
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THE SLIPPERINESS OF OBJECTS: Putting the Past in the Present in a Class of One Hundred
My course, "Material Culture and Everyday Life" at the University of California, Davis, elicits divergent reactions from students. Reading through my evaluations, I often feel I have taught two different lower-division courses. Some students feel the...
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WRITING, TEACHING, AND FILMING MATERIAL LIVES: A Conversation between Ruth Behar and Circe Sturm
Ruth Behar is a poet, writer, filmmaker and one of the leading figures in contemporary cultural anthropology. Born in Havana, Cuba to Jewish parents, she left the island with her family shortly after the revolution, when she was only five-years old....
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