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Articles from Vol. 31, No. 1, September

Applying Goal Orientation Theory in an Exploration of Student Motivations in the Domain of Educational Leadership
The purpose of this article is to explore the motivation of graduate students in an educational leadership preparation program. Motivation is a key element for academic and professional success because without it little learning or performance takes...
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A Probability Plan of Action
An often difficult topic for students who take a course in Introductory Business Statistics is the chapter on Probability, but, more specifically, the Addition Laws of Probability and the concepts of Independence versus Dependence. These concepts are...
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How Manipulatives Affect the Mathematics Achievement of Students in Nigerian Schools
Mathematics is a very important subject in Nigeria. Yet, for more than twenty years, mathematics education in Nigeria has been in a sorry state. Mathematics achievement has been very low and frustrating. So far, every effort made to save Nigerian education...
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The Structure of Adult Students' Worries
This study investigated the structure of adult students' worries. Students (N = 309) enrolled in advanced undergraduate and graduate university courses were administered the Student Worry Scale. A factor analysis revealed three factors of student worries:...
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The Supportive Roles That Learners' Families Play in Adult Literacy Programs
In 2002-03, a qualitative case study explored the experiences of stakeholders connected to two adult literacy programs in Manitoba, Canada. Data were collected through official documents, personal documents, and interviews. Influences by family members...
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