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Articles from Vol. 24, No. 2, December

A Discussion of Low R-Squares: Concerns and Uses
A Discussion of Low R-Squares:Concerns and Uses* The focus ofthis discussion is to emphasize that small R^sup 2^s have value and should not be dismissed without consideration. This is not to say that I disagree with Dr. McNeil's position that a large...
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Computer Programs for Facilitating Objective Grading
Problems associated with letter grading of college students are discussed briefly, and a package of computer programs that can contribute to a more objective approach to grade assignment is described. These seven programs can be used to assign letter...
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Formal Reasoning and Academic Performance in College Mathematics and Psychology Courses
This study examined the relationship between students ' levels of cognitive reasoning and their academic performance in college mathematics and psychology courses. We also analyzed students ' SAT scores, high school GPAs and college GPAs in relation...
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Students Thinking about Their Learning: Assessment to Improve Learning
This project investigated the impact of using reflective and metacognitive strategies in self-assessment, on the learning of primary teacher education students. The strategies included various reflective activities focussing on learning and thinking....
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Systematizing Information for Public Sector Risk Management: A Perspective from Higher Education
In public sector service agencies, intervening variables associated with statutory requirements and administrative procedures confound the environment for managing risk and constrain the development of risk management strategies established in the private...
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Teacher Planning: A Literature Review
Most teachers will agree that planning is an important part of effective teaching. Before teachers can be effective in the classroom, they must decide how to present the curriculum to the students in the most efficient and effective manner. But exactly...
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