Historical Journal of Massachusetts

Historical Journal of Massachusetts is an academic journal focusing on Massachusetts

Articles from Vol. 26, No. 2, Summer

Jonathan Belcher: Colonial Governor
Jonathan Belcher: Colonial Governor. By Michael C. Batinski. Lexington, 1996 (University Press of Kentucky, 603 South Limestone Street, Lexington, Kentucky 40508-4008). In cloth $29.95. Jonathan Belcher (1683-1757) will be known to most readers of this...
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Massachusetts Gave Leadership to America's Country Life Movement: The Collaboration of Kenyon L Butterfield and Wilbert L Anderson
Kenyon L. Butterfield, president of Massachusetts Agricultural College and a prominent Congregationalist lay leader, and Wilbert L. Anderson, his pastor at First Congregational Church in Amherst, were major figures in the nationwide movement to improve...
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Native People of Southern New England, 1500-1650
Native People of Southern New England, 1500-1650. By Kathleen J. Bragdon. Norman and London, 1996 (University of Oklahoma Press, Norman OK 73019-8217). $28.95. This is a comprehensive anthropological study of the Ninnimissinuok, the native people in...
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Seers of God: Puritian Providentialism in the Restoration and Early Enlightenment
Seers of God: Puritan Providentialism in the Restoration and Early Enlightenment. By Michael P. Winship. Baltimore, 1996 (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2715 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 212184319). $39.95 In Seers of God Michael Winship has...
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Springfield's Washingtonians: The Triumph of Legal Sanctions to Save the Soul of the Drunkard
On December 5, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed legislation bringing to an end the nation's fourteen-year experiment with prohibition. It is perhaps an irony of history that only eighteen months later, on June 10, 1935, the most successful...
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The Boston Longshoremen's Strike of 1931
In the depth of the Great Depression, under extremely adverse circumstances, Boston longshoremen engaged in, and endured, a long and bitter strike. It began on October 1, 1931, and ended on December 5. The strike was caused by the refusal of Boston longshoremen...
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Two Lithuanian Immigrants' Blasphemy Trials during the Red Scare
Two forgotten legal episodes in New England history became temporary regional if not national scandals. These events illustrated how journalists and judges managed to cloak their xenophobia and nativist sentiments with a defense of Christianity. Additionally...
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Where Did Captain Martin Pring Anchor in New England?
In 1603 Captain Martin Pring and his men sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and spent almost two months on shore in Massachusetts. Pring's narrative provides colorful anecdotes about the Indians, their singing and cavorting and even their reaction to Pring's...
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