Historical Journal of Massachusetts

Historical Journal of Massachusetts is an academic journal focusing on Massachusetts

Articles from Vol. 27, No. 2, Summer

"Boycott!": Louise Imogen Guiney and the American Protective Association
Auburndale is a town populated with retired missionaries and bigots of small intellectual calibre.' Thus writes Louise Imogen Guiney, Irish-American poet and essayist, in an attempt to explain the predicament she faced as Postmistress in Auburndale,...
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Civil War Boston: Home Front and Battlefield
Civil War Boston: Home Front and Battlefield. By Thomas H. O'Connor. (Northeastern University Press, 1997) $26.95 cloth In recent years, the continuing flood of books on the Civil War has overflowed the banks of traditional military history and spread...
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"Every Composer to Be His Own Carver": The Manliness If William Billings
"I recommend to you the resolution (tho' not the impudence) of a discarded Actor, who after he had been twice hissed off the Stage, mounted again, and with great Assurance, he thundered out these words: 'I will be heard."' - William Billings, The Singing...
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Founding Mothers of Social Justice: The Women's Educational and Industrial Union of Boston, 1877-1892
The life span of Harriet Clisby (1830-1931), who founded the Women's Educational and Industrial Union (WEIU) of Boston in 1877, coincides almost exactly with that of Mother Jones (1830-1930). Neither woman was born in the United States; both strove to...
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How Massachusetts Representative Ray Flynn Left the Shadow of Busing: Boston Politics in the Fall of 1974
In the fall of 1974, Boston was the site of violent conflict over the issue of public school desegregation and its implementation. It was during these months that State Representative Raymond L. Flynn (D. -- South Boston) entered the limelight and accelerated...
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John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams. By Lynn Hunt Parsons. (Madison, Wisconsin: Madison House, 1998) $29.95. After Paul Nagel's disappointing biography of John Quincy Adams, published in 1997, by Alfred Knopf, Lynn Hudson Parsons' shorter, less speculative, more solid,...
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The Trials of Anthony Burns: Freedom and Slavery in Emerson's Boston
The Trials of Anthony Burns: Freedom and Slavery In Emerson's Boston. By Albert J. Von Frank. (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1998). $27.95 hardcover, $16.95 paperback Albert J. Von Frank has delivered a very interesting and relatively...
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