Historical Journal of Massachusetts

Historical Journal of Massachusetts is an academic journal focusing on Massachusetts

Articles from Vol. 33, No. 2, Summer

Founding Aswalos House: Separate and Powerful; the YWCA in Roxbury, Massachusetts, 1968-1988
The Boston YWCA established Aswalos House in the predominantly black neighborhood of Roxbury in 1968. Fifty years earlier, many socalled "black branches" were organized throughout the country, as a strategy to keep black and white women separate and...
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No Early Pardon for Traitors: Rebellion in Massachusetts in 1787
The men of eighteenth century Massachusetts would probably have had substantial political experience. An adult male of 60 years could have lived through two colonial wars and witnessed some historical events: declaring independence of Britain, fighting...
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The Aftermath of the Salem Witch Trials in Colonial America
In the year 1692, an event occurred that is remembered to this day among the great calamities of American History. In the small hamlet of Salem village, (now Danvers, MA) in the household of the local minister Samuel Parris, a young girl was observed...
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The Civil War Draft in Palmer: Reaction in a Small Town
During the colonial era of American history, a militia system was used to supply the needed men for combat. These were citizens who were only called upon when they were needed; a standing army did not exist. The militia system was phased out for a volunteer...
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The Political Evolution of Northampton, Massachusetts
The political direction of Northampton, Massachusetts made a decisive turn in the 1990s. The city's political ideology shifted from a conservative agenda supported by native born residents to a liberal agenda supported mainly by new residents. This turn...
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