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Articles from Vol. 8, No. 2, October-March

Accelerated Interaction between Firms and Markets in Ict-Based Venture Businesses - the Case of Mobile Phone Business Ventures in Japan
Notwithstanding the strong expectation that new ventures can induce new innovation leading to national vitalization, unexpected impediments always lie ahead of new ventures. One of the most crucial impediments could be the "CHASM," a deep trench that...
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A Critical Analysis of High Performing Teams: A Case Study Based on the British Telecommunication (Bt) PLC
This paper critically discusses the composition and motivation of teams in British Telecom by analysing the results of a research based on company documents and interviews with experienced employees in order to provide a deep insight into the company...
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A Study of Factors Affecting Efficiency of Public Sector Banks
Banking industry in India is all poised for a major leap in coming years. The year 2004 witnessed some major positive changes in this industry. Falling interest rates, a pick up in demand for loans, chiefly in retail sector and good spreads in treasury...
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Cognitive Dissonance and the Marketing of Services: Some Issues
The theory of cognitive dissonance, first put forward by Leon Festinger is attracting renewed attention and interest. Surprisingly, there is little research and discussion on cognitive dissonance and marketing of services. This research effort discusses...
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Customer Expectations and Management Perceptions in Healthcare Services of Bangladesh: An Overview
The total health care services in Bangladesh have been undertaken by the government, private sector and some other health clinics conducted by social organizations like NGOs. Bangladesh as a member state of WHO has endorsed the "Health for all by 2000AD"...
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New Age Youth Banking Behavior an Explorative Study in the Indian Banking Sector
The banking scenario in India has witnessed a rapid growth coupled with intense competition. This sector has witnessed rapid technological deployments, intense price wars almost leading to commoditisation of the sector, product innovations, public sector...
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Problems and Prospects of Food-Retailing in the State of Uttar Pradesh (India)
Improving farm productivity and competitiveness and diversification of agriculture towards production and marketing of high value crops have been conceived as major policy instruments for India's agricultural development. Involvement of private sector...
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Producing Financial Services: An Efficiency Analysis of Indian Commercial Banks
The present study attempts to examine the changes in the productive efficiency of Indian commercial banks after the financial sector reforms initiated in 1992. Using stochastic frontier technique we estimate bank specific deposit, advance and investment...
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The Role of the Venture Leader Initiative in Ipo Accomplishment-The Impact of Leader Characteristics on Ipo Performance
Japan's new ventures start-up ratio is far behind of the ratios in other industrialized countries due primarily due to a deep trench called the CHASM impediment that lies ahead of a new venture initial public offerings (IPO). However, noteworthy performance...
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