Journal of Theory Construction and Testing

Journal of Theory Construction and Testing is a magazine specializing in Science topics.

Articles from Vol. 5, No. 2, Fall

Inner Strength in Women Recovering from Coronary Artery Disease: A Ground Theory
Inner strength has been identified as a factor of psychologic health and spiritual well-being and, therefore, is a dynamic component of holistic recovery (Barker, 1989; Rose, 1990). Additional researchers have described inner strength in well women,...
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Meta-Analysis: A Systematic Approach to Scientific Inquiry
Abstract: Meta-analysis is a perspective of many techniques of measurement and statistical theories used in synthesizing findings from research studies. Various definitions of meta-analysis are presented. Uses and elements of meta-analysis are presented....
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Puzzle-Solving in Theory Building for Knowledge Development
The many pieces of research studies completed in an area can be brought together into an integrated statement of findings. Meta-analysis can be considered statement of the most findings. Meta-analysis can be consi ered one of the most reliable techniques...
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Social Support for Family Caregivers: Toward a Situation-Specific Theory
Abstract: A phenomenological approach was used to understand the social support needed by caregivers of older dependent persons in the home. Seven women and four men, all Caucasian, ages 50 to 86years explained their daily lives as caregivers. Five of...
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Testing an Asthma Quality of Life Model
Abstract. Asthma is a major health problem that affects approximately 15 to 17 million people in the United States. Unique circumstances associated with a patients health status have made evaluations of the management of asthma difficult. The Asthma...
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