Journal of Theory Construction and Testing

Journal of Theory Construction and Testing is a magazine specializing in Science topics.

Articles from Vol. 4, No. 2, Winter

Concept Clarification for Knowledge Development
An important step in the process of developing concepts that are useful and meaningful is clarification. While clarification is not an end-point, it is a critical step in the process of developing knowledge related to concepts of interest. Clarification...
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Inner Strength: A Concept Analysis
Abstract: Inner strength has been described as a component of psychologic health using terms such as spirit, acceptance, relationships, and resilience. To more precisely describe inner strength, a concept analysis was conducted using Walker and Avants...
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Inner Strength in Women with Breast Cancer
Abstract: As the incidence of breast cancer continues to increase, it is necessary that professional nurses recognize the psychosocial adjustments that are important to the lives of women with breast cancer. Systematic inquiry is one method for determining...
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