Journal of Theory Construction and Testing

Journal of Theory Construction and Testing is a magazine specializing in Science topics.

Articles from Vol. 3, No. 2, Fall

Kuhn and Reigel: The Nature of Scientific Revolutions and Theory Construction in Nursing
Truth does not change. We change, our perception of truth changes, our interpretation of truth changes. We even discover more truth. But ifit was true before--it remains. --Author Unknown Philosophies of science are regarded as one of the most significant...
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Toward a Theory of Adolescent Coping with Maternal Breast Cancer
Abstract. Maternal breast cancer is one of the serious illnesses that families with adolescents need to cope with most fequently. More than 50, 000 adolescents in the United States will be at risk and especially vulnerable to the ramifications of the...
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Toward a Theory of Support during Adolescent Pregnancy
Abstract: This article provides two theoretical models related to the construct of adolescent Pregnancy.The first theoretical model, based on Gibbs (1972) paradigm of theory construction, describes potential physiological and psychosocial responses that...
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Uncertainty and Spirituality in Women with HIV/AIDS
Abstract: A secondary analysis of an existing data set is conducted to explore alternative theoretical explanation of factors influencing coping in women witth HIV/AIDS. A formula (theorem) from a previous constructed theory was used in the conceptualization...
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Why Formulas in Theory Construction?
Thomas Samuel Kuhn was born July 18, 1922 and lived until June 17, 1996. Kuhn, a Harvard educated physicist, historian, and philosopher, was an influential analyst of scientific development. His book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, sold over...
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