The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Bulletin

Quarterly that explores issues related to both central banking and the New Zealand economy. On the record speeches of the Governor and Deputy Governors also featured regularly.

Articles from Vol. 66, No. 4, December

After the National Bank Acquisition: Living with Big Australian Banks: An Excerpt from an Address to the Australasian Institute of Banking and Finance by Dr Alan Bollard, Governor, Reserve Bank of New Zealand 6 November 2003
Having a banking industry consisting mainly of banks with Australian parentage has many advantages for us. Despite our country's small size, our banking system benefits from the presence of strong, innovative, internationally-connected players that...
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Editor's Note
In the March 2003 issue of the Bulletin, we ran an article on the Financial Sector Assessment Programme (FSAP)--an international surveillance programme administered by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. We noted that this programme is...
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For the Record: Recent News Releases
Investment and borrowing risks higher than realised 14 October 2003 Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard this evening warned that too many New Zealanders are taking higher risks than they realise in the way they borrow and invest. That's come...
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Investing in a Low Inflation World: An Address by Dr Alan Bollard, Governor, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, to the Auckland Club and the MBA Business Meeting, Auckland. 14 October 2003
The theme of my speech today is "investing in a world of low inflation". New Zealand has succeeded in achieving a low inflation rate and keeping it stable for more than a decade now. The average CPI inflation rate since 1992 has been just 2 per cent...
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New Zealand's Financial Sector Regulation
This article provides a summary of the regulatory framework in the New Zealand financial sector. It describes the core components of the financial system, including the financial institutions and financial markets, and explains the infrastructure required...
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Reserve Bank Discussion Papers: This Section Sets out the Abstracts of Recently Issued Reserve Bank Discussion Papers. the Discussion Papers Are Available on the Reserve Bank Web Site and Can Be Obtained in Hard Copy on Request from the Reserve Bank
The stabilisation problem: the case of New Zealand by Kirdan Lees, November 2003 This paper examines stabilisation bias--the difference between the inferior macroeconomic outcomes attained with discretionary monetary policy relative to the ideal...
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The Relationship between Inflation Expectations Survey Data and Inflation
Inflation expectations play an important role in shaping the inflation consequences of economic activity. Hence, they are of special importance for monetary policy. Survey measures of inflation expectations are available, but whether they are a good...
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The Reserve Bank Inflation Calculator (1)
In June 2003, the Reserve Bank released a web-based inflation calculator, enabling users to select two dates and a dollar amount, and calculate an amount adjusted for inflation between those two dates. The "New Zealand CPI Inflation Calculator" (the...
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