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Articles from Vol. 12, No. 1, Winter

Approaches for Dealing with Small Sample Sizes in Employment Discrimination Litigation
I. Introduction The statistical analysis of allegations of employment discrimination has become increasingly more commonplace in the courtroom during the last two decades. Whether a result of claims of discrimination on the basis of race, gender,...
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Estimating Economic Damages in Class Action Securities Fraud Litigation
I. Introduction Estimating economic damages in class action litigation involving common stock is necessary because it is generally impossible to actually measure the damages sustained by each and every investor who purchased and/or sold the firm's...
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Opportunity Cost vs. Replacement Cost in a Lost Service Analysis
I. Introduction Everything for which economists provide valuation uses either an opportunity cost or a replacement cost approach. With an opportunity cost approach, value is based on what an individual sacrificed to obtain a set of goods, services...
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Special Problems with Value-of-Life Estimates: A Reply to Dr. Gilbert
In our recent article in this Journal titled "Special Problems with Value-of-Life Estimates Based on Wage-Risk Studies in the Miller Survey: A Note," (1997) we asserted that the proper measure of on-the-job death risk is by occupation, and that the...
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Structured Settlements and the Interest Rate Switch
I. Introduction Structured settlements, in effect the purchase of an annuity, are being increasingly utilized for wrongful death or injury awards, particularly when these awards are large. According to the Wall Street Journal volume has reached...
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The Valuation of Earning Capacity Definition, Measurement and Evidence
In most courts of law, economic damages due to loss of wages or salary caused by injury or death is measured by an earning capacity standard rather than a standard of actual or expected earnings. Nevertheless, neither the courts, vocational experts,...
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