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A double blind, refereed journal which publishes theoretical and empirical manuscripts in marketing. Its primary objective is to expand the boundaries of the literature by supporting the exchange of ideas and insights which further the understanding of marketing.

Articles from Vol. 7, No. 2, July

A Hazard Function Approach to Modeling Consumer Search
ABSTRACT This study recognizes the stochastic element in the consumer search process and develops a stochastic model of search termination that incorporates the effects of time elapsed since commencing search, individual and product characteristics...
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An Economic Decision-Making Framework for Price Bundling of Retail Banking Services
ABSTRACT Price bundling has become an important and widely used cross-selling tactic in retail banking. Service bundling offers a method of cross-selling that places less of the burden on the bank employee and more on the design and promotion of...
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Celebrity Endorsers: Spokesperson Selection Criteria and Case Examples of FREDD
ABSTRACT Famous personalities have been used to endorse products for many years. When considering the choice of using a famous spokesperson, a marketing manager must understand the advantages and disadvantages of using celebrity endorsers. A good...
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Differences in Charisma, Ethics, Personality, and Machiavellian Characteristics of Male and Female Marketing Students
ABSTRACT Developing a corporate culture that encourages ethical behavior and discourages unethical behavior has become a major concern for organizations. However, in discussing business ethics, the sex of the offender is often ignored. This paper...
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Generation Y: A Brief Synopsis and Their Reaction to the Events of Septemper 11th
ABSTRACT While members of a generation have different characteristics and values than their peers, they often share similar values that are rooted in the times in which they grew up. The purpose of this manuscript is to explore how family, occupational,...
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How Accurately Does the CPI Market Basket Measure Rural Household Consumption? A Research Methodology
ABSTRACT The fixed market basket used by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is designed to measure changes in the prices paid by urban households. Consumption differences between rural and urban households could affect the accuracy of CPI price measurements...
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Modeling Increased Repurchase Intentions for High-Tech B2B Offerings
ABSTRACT Overall customer satisfaction for industrial buyers is correlated with repurchase intentions. Components of overall satisfaction include satisfaction with the product (offering), satisfaction with the vendor's performance, and interpersonal...
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The Effect of Cultural Differences on Effective Advertising: A Comparison between Russia and the U.S
ABSTRACT An important first step to successful global marketing is to understand the similarities and dissimilarities of values between cultures. This task is particularly daunting for companies trying to do business with Russia because of the scarcity...
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