Academy of Marketing Studies Journal

A double blind, refereed journal which publishes theoretical and empirical manuscripts in marketing. Its primary objective is to expand the boundaries of the literature by supporting the exchange of ideas and insights which further the understanding of marketing.

Articles from Vol. 3, No. 1, January

Ad Pod Effects in TV Advertising: Order, Adjacency, and Informational\emotional Appeal
INTRODUCTION The effects of various contexts on responses to advertising, especially television advertising, have received considerable attention from researchers. The relationship between programs and the emotions they evoke on the one hand and...
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Assessing the Impact of 'Individual' and 'Collective' Ad Appeals: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Advertisements in the U.S. and Mexico
INTRODUCTION The prevalent role of values in all aspects of human life has stimulated empirical research across a number of social science disciplines including psychology, sociology and anthropology. Values are a powerful force in forming one's...
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Girls' Responses to Advertisements Featuring Active, Passive, and Product-Alone Visual Portrayals
INTRODUCTION The influence of the child and teen market segments in the US will increase over the next decade just as it has over the previous one. This increase will be partly due to additional youth spending and partly due to increased influence...
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Sales Representatives' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Relationship Building Activities with Members of a Segment
INTRODUCTION For many firms, one of the keys to marketing success in today's increasingly competitive and fragmented market is a well-conceived program of market segmentation. The program requires careful implementation if it is to attain its goals,...
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Teens' Consumption Patterns: The Impact of Employment Status and Intensity
INTRODUCTION The debate over the role and effects of the labor force participation of teens has intensified as the number of school-age adolescents joining the work force has dramatically increased in the last few decades resulting in a big boost...
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The Academic Ethics of Undergraduate Marketing Majors
INTRODUCTION College faculty and administrators have had concerns about the academic ethics, or academic misconduct, of students for several decades. A considerable amount of research has been conducted on the topic, most of which has been surveys...
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The Influence of Product Publicity on Product Sales in a Noncompetitive Environment
INTRODUCTION Academics and practitioners have recently begun to expand the domain of marketing communications, effectively bringing the role of public relations to the fore in a marketing context. Known as integrated marketing communications, this...
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Visual Perception Changes in the Aging Eye: The Elderly May Not See What You Want Them to See
INTRODUCTION A current major marketing mistake is an ineffective effort to market to the elderly (Flanagan, 1994). Even though the increasing size and economic power of the elderly population have been noted in published research (e.g. Day, Davis,...
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