Academy of Marketing Studies Journal

A double blind, refereed journal which publishes theoretical and empirical manuscripts in marketing. Its primary objective is to expand the boundaries of the literature by supporting the exchange of ideas and insights which further the understanding of marketing.

Articles from Vol. 12, No. 2, July

A Path Analysis Study of the Relationships among Consumer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Market Share in Retail Services
INTRODUCTION An accurate description of the basic consumer model, along with the relative influence of that model on firm performance, has interested marketing theorists for decades. The basic premises in marketing are straightforward: (a) better...
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Does a Market Orientation Strategy Exist toward Business School Students? a View from Three Levels of Academic Administrators
INTRODUCTION AND DEFINITIONS Successful organizations seek to attain and maintain high levels of performance; but can a particular organizational strategy or culture lead to improved organizational performance? If so, can such a strategy or culture...
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Ethics in Advertising: Differences in Industry Values and Student Perceptions
INTRODUCTION College students represent the employees and executives of tomorrow. Therefore it is likely the ethical perceptions and standards students bring to their new jobs will largely influence their behaviors as advertisers. Knowledge of...
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Heritage Pride and Advertising Effectiveness: The Mexican Case
INTRODUCTION Heritage Pride is defined as a mild positive emotion of worth and dignity for those elements that people inherit as members of a community. Heritage Pride has two sub-domains: 1) Cultural Heritage Pride (CHP) is the feeling for those...
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Information Search and Purchase Channel Choice across In-Home Shopping Retail Formats
INTRODUCTION The proliferation of diverse retail formats, such as the Internet, direct marketing, home shopping networks, call centers, and catalogs, has created a challenge for firms to manage their multi-channels effectively (Neslin et al.,...
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Preventing Consumer Grudges across the Age Spectrum: Time Is of the Essence
INTRODUCTION Is there such a thing as a long-standing grudge? Based on personal experiences, the authors can definitively say yes. Consider the following: In 1995, one of the authors' friends (who will be called Mike) became Treasurer of a local...
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Rural and Ethnic Young Consumers' Perceptions of Bundled Cellular Telephone Features
INTRODUCTION Executives seeking marketing strategies to retain or gain market share in the highly competitive cellular telephone business need to understand young consumers' perceptions of the importance of bundled features on the cellular telephones...
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The Determinants of Movie Rental Revenue Earnings
INTRODUCTION The average budget of making a motion picture for release in the United States has risen to almost fifty million dollars per movie. This rising cost has resulted in motion picture studios seeking multiple sources of revenue including...
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