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Articles from Vol. 61, No. 3, Spring

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus and the Paradoxes of Postcolonial Redemption
Abstract: As a postcolonial text, Purble Hibiscus critiques the associated violences of Christian religion, colonial forces, and patriarchal domination. Yet it also complicates this indictment through parallel critiques of Igbo culture through contrasting...
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Conferences and Calls for Submissions
The 2012 Southwestern Regional Meeting of the CCL will be held October 5-6 at Oklahoma Christian University in cooperation with Oklahoma Baptist University. The theme of the conference is "Theatrurn Mundi: Faith, Representation, and Multiculturalism."...
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Introduction: African Narrative and the Christian Tradition: Storytelling and Identity
Africa provided a fertile ground for Christianity during its first few centuries, and a case could be made that early Christian texts from Egypt, Ethiopia, Nubia, and North Africa are the first instances of written African literature. Under Roman rule,...
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Kingship and Prophecy in Thomas Mofolo's Chaka
Abstract: In his third and best-known novel, Chaka, Lesotho writer Thomas Mofolo makes no explicit references to Christianity, marking a departure from the intentionally evangelical character and language of his earlier works, Traveller to the East...
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Salvation History in Ayi Kwei Armah's Two Thousand Seasons
Abstract: This paper investigates Ayi Kwei Armah's discourse in Two Thousand Seasons (1973) and unveils the philosophy of history articulated in his narrative. It is premised on the idea that the historiography charted in the novel is modeled on American...
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Travel Grants
The Conference on Christianity and Literature offers grants to help cover travel expenses for selected scholars and writers and graduate students participating in CCL conferences or events. All applicants must be members in good standing of the Conference...
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Uwem Akpan's Say You're One of Them: Invitations to Solidarity
Abstract: The stories of Uwem Akpan's Say You're One of Them reflect the principle of solidarity prominent in Catholic social teaching since Vatican II. In relation to Akpan's Jesuit vocation following the Second Vatican Council, this principle is...
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Witnessing to the Gospel: Pedro Arrupe's Mission Theology and Dominic Mulaisho's the Tongue of the Dumb
Abstract: Christianity and missions are recurring subjects in postcolonial African fiction, most frequently taking the thematic form of a clash between mission Christianity and indigenous culture. Consciously or otherwise, most of these texts present...
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