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Articles from Vol. 65, No. 4, July

An Integrated Approach to Canada's Arctic
After the last round of frenzied debate over Canadian sovereignty in the wake of the 1985 Polar Sea voyage, Franklyn Griffiths suggested that the Arctic states had to decide whether they wanted the region to be one of enhanced civility or of military...
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Arctic Priorities: A Northern Perspective
Ulluukut. Good Morning. Bonjour. Thank you for your kind introduction. Let me also thank the Canadian International Council for convening this conference and your interest in the role of the North in foreign policy. With climate change, national...
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Arctic Waters: Cooperation or Conflict?
There has been much learned and scholarly discussion of the arguments that have been put forward by the States involved in the dispute over the Northwest Passage. My aim in this short paper is not to delve into these technical legal arguments, but...
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Canadian Arctic Security: Preparing for a Changing Future
The Arctic is in a period of massive transformation. The triple factors of climate change, resource development and geopolitical rivalries are recreating the Arctic in a manner that is confounding, exciting and troubling. It is possible that the Canadian...
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The Arctic is changing at a rate that continues to astound. To understand what's happening and how best to respond, Canada needs integrated intelligence on a host of issues ranging from the geopolitical to the situation of small indigenous communities....
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