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Articles from December

Attitudes of Librarians in Selected Nigerian Universities toward the Use of ICT
Introduction Implementing information communication technology (ICT) in the library depends largely on librarians' attitudes toward it. The application of ICT has caused significant changes in libraries: automated cataloguing, circulation, information...
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Digital Library Initiatives at Higher Education and Research Institutions in India
Introduction Most higher education and research institutions in India are funded by the central and state governments. Those institutions have made a significant contribution to the transmission of knowledge and to research in all fields and disciplines....
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Editorial: Our Professional Image
Those of us in the library world are too concerned about our image, and too obsessed with what others think. Like a constantly-repeated mantra, the question of librarian professional image resurfaces in library journals again and again. It is an obsession....
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Obstacles to Information Access and Use in Developing Countries
Introduction Experts have identified various obstacles to information access and use. Uhegbu (2002:62) identifies five: economic, social, environmental, occupational, and infrastructure. Etim (2000) lists seven, including physical infrastructure,...
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