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Applying Game Theory in Libraries: Review and Preview
Introduction Game theory is the study of how people behave in strategic situations. It is concerned with "how rational individuals make decisions when they are mutually interdependent" (Romp, 1997). "Game" in this context means "sport of any...
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A Study of the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Tools by Librarians
Introduction The world is undergoing a transition from a paper to a digital economy. It is essential for libraries in countries in the developing world to take part in this changing scene. Developing countries are being encouraged to invest in...
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Computer and Internet Use by Health Care Professionals in a Rural Medical College in India
Introduction The use of computers and the Internet by people in all walks of life increases day by day. The Internet plays a crucial role in access to information resources. Edward and Bruce (2002) observe that, "sources of information and other...
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Marketing First Impressions: Academic Libraries Creating Partnerships and Connections at New Student Orientations
Introduction Creating positive perceptions of academic libraries can occur at more than just the reference desk or during library instruction. Librarians can and should take advantage of other occasions to promote their library. New student orientations...
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Students' Perception of the Impact of User Education on the Use of Reference Resources: An Iranian Experience
Introduction The 21st century is the age of science. Scientific knowledge is created and communicated largely through teaching and research. University libraries are an integral part of teaching and research. Teaching and research depend upon...
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The Significance of School Libraries in the Educational Development of Students: The Case of Novena University Staff School, Kwale, Delta State, Nigeria
Introduction Children and their teachers need library resources and the expertise of a librarian to succeed. School libraries help teachers teach children (Keith 2004). A school library is an academic library that supports school programs as...
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