Victorian Poetry

Journal publishing scholary articles on topics related to Victorian poetry and poets.

Articles from Vol. 50, No. 1, Spring

Life-Lyrics: Autobiography, Poetic Form, and Personal Loss in Hardy's Moments of Vision
In 1951 Edmund Blunden, writing in response to C. Day Lewis' Wharton Lecture at Oxford on "The Lyrical Poetry of Thomas Hardy," coined the compound term "life-lyric" to capture an apparent paradox at the heart of Hardy's poetry. Day Lewis had argued...
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"Poor Faun! Poor Faun!" A Nietzschean Reading of Empedocles on Etna
In Matthew Arnold's verse-drama of 1852, Empedocles on Etna, two terrible deaths are narrated. The primary action concludes when the title character commits suicide by leaping into the crater of Mt. Etna. In an intradiegetic narrative, the faun Marsyas...
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Remembrance of Things Past: Literary Annuals' Self-Historicization
Literary annuals and gift books, the lavishly illustrated, richly bound anthologies of poetry and prose fashionable in England during the second quarter of the nineteenth century, attracted readers by their combination of text and pictures inside a...
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The Fall of the House of Moxon: James Bertrand Payne and the Illustrated Idylls of the King
Ancient Pistol, peacock Payne, Brute in manner, rogue in grain, How you squeezed me, peacock Payne! Scared was I and out I ran And found by Paul's an honest man. Peace be with you, peacock Payne, I have left you, you remain Ancient...
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The Recovery of Friendship: Male Love and Developmental Narrative in Tennyson's in Memoriam
In July 1844, the barrister and journalist George Venables found a mysterious volume in the Temple chambers that he shared with his lifelong friend Henry Lushington. As leading members of the Cambridge Apostles, the secret society whose "brethren"...
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The Sentimental Policeman: Poetry and Social Mobility in the Police Review and Parade Gossip
The Victorian policeman would seem an improbable poet. Indeed, contemporary representations of bumbling, avuncular Bobbies and sharp but unfeeling detectives suggest a realm of experience distinct from post-Romantic conceptions of poetry as a product...
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