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A bimonthly legal book published by the law school at Fordham University. Each issue focuses on a single topic, and publishes original research, critical pieces, and long-form essays related to that topic.

Articles from Vol. 32, No. 1, December

Austria's Pre-War Brown V. Board of Education
INTRODUCTION On May 19, 1930, a Viennese newspaper published an article under the title, "His Magnificence The Rector: Scandal at the University of Vienna." (1) The author analyzed and attacked the government-sponsored University's new regulations...
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Every Day Is a Good Day for a Judge to Lay Down His Professional Life for Justice
INTRODUCTION For the moral judge each day is a good day to live as well as--in the words of the Plains Indian warriors--"a good day to die." (1) That is to say, the judge embraces his professional life most fully when he is prepared to fight--and...
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Fifty Years of Reflection: Brown V. Board of Education and Its Universal Implications: Preface
Preface The practice of segregating groups of people and forcing them into hierarchies dictated by the ruling ideology of the day is most dangerous when it proclaims that the subjugated group is different in ways that are hereditary and unchangeable....
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"Press Prudence," Nazi Student Orders, and Jim Crow
INTRODUCTION In this year in which we in the United States take note of the fiftieth anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, (1) and ponder its enduring significance, Maria Marcus requires us to look abroad, and has made a significant scholarly...
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Reflections on Justice before and after Brown
In the 1950's, Mississippi had the largest number of African-American citizens of any state and was, as Professor C. Vann Woodward observed, "profoundly isolated from national life and opinion." (1) Few blacks were registered to vote, (2) white supremacist...
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The Conception of Brown
Brown v. Board of Education (1) is celebrated throughout the nation on its fiftieth anniversary as having changed the face of America, and is called the country's most significant twentieth century decision. Most analysts seem to hail Brown for what...
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The Judicial Betrayal of Blacks - Again: The Supreme Court's Destruction of the Hopes Raised by Brown V. Board of Education
On May 17, 1954, the United States Supreme Court handed down its historic decision in Brown v. Board of Education, (1) and almost immediately officials of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People met in Atlanta, Georgia, to celebrate...
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