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Articles from Vol. 25, No. 3, November

"America Alone"
A few days ago, we received an email from a friend who teaches at Emory University. "As I am typing this," she wrote, "I hear the Moslem call to prayer being played across the entire campus over a loudspeaker.... Do you think I could arrange for the...
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A New Era in Scandalology
"Stories that couldn't be more different--Bob Woodward's new book and the Mark Foley sex scandal--are examples of the difference between get-it-in-the-paper-now journalism and how-did-it-really-happen journalism." Or so wrote Deborah Howell, ombudsman...
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"Constable's Great Landscapes: The Six-Foot Paintings" the National Gallery of Art
"Constable's Great Landscapes: The Six-Foot Paintings" The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. October 1, 2006-December 31, 2006 The large landscape paintings of John Constable, from The White Horse (1819) to the sketch for Stoke-by-Nayland...
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David Jones & the Sacrament of Art
Shy, retiring, religious, and physically frail, David Jones (1895-1974) considered art a "sacrament," an act of co-creation that connects us to God. In a 1962 BBC address, Jones warned that "the nature of man demands the sacramental. If he's denied...
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Heartbroken Wrecks
Moral didacticism, usually of a political bent, is the curse of the contemporary theater and has been for some twenty years. In the hands of a less than subtle director or writer, the audience member's experience is too often that of being lectured...
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Seduction & Politics
The original meaning of "seduction" was "to persuade a vassal, servant, soldier, etc. to desert his allegiances or service." The OED dates that first usage from 1477, and it was only in 1560 that "seduction" came to be used also as inducing a woman...
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The Human Race: Success or Failure?
There have been times recently when I have scarcely dared to open the newspaper for fear of discovering the latest enormity committed by our fellow human beings. You all know the feeling. At this rate, will the human race survive? Does it deserve to...
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Vollard at the Met
I have always thought I'd have recognized Ambroise Vollard immediately if I'd encountered him on the streets of early twentieth-century Paris. The legendary art dealer and publisher's high, domed forehead, his pug nose, his neatly trimmed beard, and...
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