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Articles from Vol. 19, No. 3, Summer

Attitudes of Northern Papers toward the Egalitarian Laws of Reconstruction
Frederick Douglass' post-abolitionist campaigns aimed at influencing public opinion were designed, in large measure, to bring about legal reform.(1) This effort paid off during Reconstruction when one of the most profound constitutional reforms in...
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Breakdown or Breakthrough in Participatory Government?
How state open meetings laws apply to virtual meetings In recent years, headlines across the country have announced violations of state open meeting laws and concerns about government secrecy created by the use of fax transmissions, electronic mail...
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How Reporters React to Knights-Rider's 25-43 Project
Many people picture wealthy socialites and gorgeous beaches at the mention of Boca Raton. But for some journalists, a pink flamingo comes to mind. On October 11, 1990, Knight-Ridder's pink flamingo and the 25/43 Project landed in the Florida town....
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Pictures, High-Imagery News Language and News Recall
One of the important properties of news is its ability to create images. Although the imagery-evoking potential of news pictures is obvious, news language is also capable of evoking imagery. Examples of such verbal journalistic work that has high imagery-evoking...
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Profits Up, Circulation Down for Thomson Papers in 80s
Scholars and journalists have expressed concern, that a desire for high profits at some newspapers will result in lower newsroom expenditures.(1) The concern is that lower budgets will produce lower quality newspapers, and readers eventually will abandon...
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Taking It Back in Cyberspace
State retraction statutes, defamation suits against online newspapers With the inexorable march of time has come an age of technology of previously unimagined dimensions. Methods for news delivery have advanced apace with general scientific achievements....
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What It Means to Be a Market-Oriented Newspaper
In a market-oriented business, the customer is unquestionably king. The successful market-oriented firm identifies a potential market opportunity, selects a group of customers that it wants to serve and develops a strategy for efficiently meeting the...
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