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Articles from Vol. 19, No. 2, Spring

Commentary: Readership Research - Challenges and Chances
Many newspaper managers and editors still believe that readership research is not only overly expensive, but superfluous. Why waste time and money, they say, when research at best provides trivial evidence? Surprising! results like younger readers...
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Goodbye Copy Desks, Hello Trouble?
In the last two years, several newspapers have dismantled their copy desks wholesale or in part. The Wichita Eagle has gone the farthest; it has eliminated the copy desk as a distinct operation, moving the editors onto reporting teams.(1) The St....
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How News Gets from Paper to Its Online Counterpart
The Wall Street Journal has been published since 1889, and the New York Times recently noted its centennial with celebrations all year long. Both are widely respected for their news product and both have recently initiated online news services with...
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Living Pictures: Design and the Native Press
"Much of the wisdom of the American Indians is written in symbols - a language without letters or sounds that speaks to that part of our nature which remembers.(1) This paper introduces a culturally based approach to the design of Native newspapers....
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Newspapers Reading Choices by College Students
For more than 35 years, the news about newspapers and young readers has been mostly bad for the newspaper industry. Long before any competition from cable television or Nintendo, American newspaper publishers were worrying about declining readership...
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Survey Probes Status of Op-Ed Journalism and Practices of Op-Ed Editors
It is easily assumed that an op-ed page, like an editorial page, is a regular feature of daily newspapers. However, not even journalism's most avid commercial list keepers can provide a list of op-ed editors or even newspapers with op-ed pages.(1)...
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What Journalists, Judges and Public Consider Defamatory
Libel is an attack on a person's reputation or character. The key criterion, defamation, relates to words or pictures which disgrace a person, so as to diminish his or her standing in the community.(1) A defamatory expression tends to expose a person...
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