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Articles from Vol. 24, No. 3, Summer

Above-Average Staff Size Helps Newspapers Retain Circulation
How many news-editorial staff members does it take to produce a viable newspaper? In recent years, there has been enough variability in newspaper staffing to produce the opportunity for a natural experiment. In the late 1990s, earnings of newspaper...
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Agency Creatives like TV Advertising Best
Advertisements and the media that deliver them must work together to produce intended communication effects. Both creative and media specialists understand this fundamental decision principle and consider the interdependent nature of the message and...
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Coin-Operated Machines Change Single Copy Sales
With a flamboyant eight-month, multi-city promotion campaign USA Today drew news media and public attention to itself and to coin-operated newspaper vending machines. Beginning in September 1982, USA Today put 135,000 flashy vending boxes on American...
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Front Page Design: Some Trends Continue
What began as a design revolution for America's newspapers about three decades ago has now settled into more of an evolution--one of subtle page re-designs, myriad offerings of new technologies and adaptation to the design challenges of the online...
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How Newspaper Reporters Use the Web to Gather News
Like other users at information-oriented businesses, news media uses of online technologies such as the World Wide Web and Internet have grown rapidly. At least one media critic has boldly labeled the Internet as the future for journalism. (1) Another...
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Profs, Professionals Agree about Students' Editing Skills
News editing has undergone several waves of substantial change in the last 25 years. The most obvious has been technological. Computer editing, pagination and digital imaging, which were barely a dream 30 years ago, are tools of the trade today. ...
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Taking It to the Web: Youth News Moves Online
The youth market is one of the most important in helping to stop newspapers' declining circulation. In fact, market analysts now warn that newspaper editors who fail to take steps to attract that segment of the population do so "at their own peril."...
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What Influences Small Newspapers to Decide to Publish Online News?
Approximately 4,000 newspapers publish online editions, and of these, around 1,300 are small community non-dailies, while fewer than 70 are considered major metro dailies. (1) Yet most studies of online news content and production have focused on daily...
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