Henri de Lubac

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Catholicism: A Study of Dogma in Relation to the Corporate Destiny of Mankind
Henri de Lubac.
Sheed and Ward, 1958
The Un-Marxian Socialist: A Study of Proudhon
Henri De Lubac; R. E. Scantlebury.
Sheed & Ward, 1948
From Unity to Pluralism: The Internal Evolution of Thomism
Gerald A. McCool.
Fordham University Press, 1999
Librarian’s tip: "The Challenge of Bouillard and de Lubac" begins on p. 203
Mystery and Method: The Other in Rahner and Levinas
Michael Purcell.
Marquette University Press, 1998
Librarian’s tip: Includes discussion of Henri de Lubac in several chapters
Biographical Dictionary of Christian Theologians
Patrick W. Carey; Joseph T. Lienhard.
Greenwood Press, 2000
Librarian’s tip: "Lubac, Henri de" begins on p. 330
Henri De Lubac and the Roots of Communion Ecclesiology
Doyle, Dennis M.
Theological Studies, Vol. 60, No. 2, June 1999
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