John Foxe

John Foxe, 1516–87, English clergyman, author of the noted Book of Martyrs. He early became a Protestant and, when Mary Tudor became queen, he fled from England to Strasbourg. There was printed (1554), in Latin, the first part of his history of the persecution of Protestant reformers. Foxe moved to Basel and had published (1559) the first complete edition, in Latin, of his history. After Elizabeth's accession, an expanded English edition appeared (1563) entitled The Actes and Monuments of These Latter and Perilous Dayes. The work was commonly known as the Book of Martyrs, and its chief purpose was to praise the heroism and piety of the Protestant martyrs of Mary's reign. The book was widely read, and its influence was extensive, although as history it is highly prejudiced and not altogether trustworthy.

See J. F. Mozley, John Foxe and His Book (1940).

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