Two More Environmental Features Now Being Offered

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Two more environmental features now being offered

Newspaper Enterprise Association and Tribune Media Services are each offering new environmental features.

The ecology category has become a very popular one in syndication during the past couple of years (see E&P, December 8, 1990, etc.).

NEA's feature is a weekly column by National Wildlife Federation president and chief executive officer Jay D. Hair, whose organization has more than 5.3 million members and supporters. The NWF -- founded in 1936 and led by Hair since 1981 -- focuses on conserving fish and wildlife, protecting the environment, and more.

Hair's column, which comes with a photo or graphic, discusses topics such as lead in water and endangered coral reefs and frog populations.

The award-winning Hair -- who has also been involved with various other environmental committees, boards, etc. -- is former administrator of the fisheries and wildlife sciences programs at North Carolina State University and developer of the National Fish and Wildlife Policy for the U.S. Department of Interior.

Hair, a Vietnam veteran, holds a doctorate in zoology from the University of Alberta in Canada and a master's in zoology and undergraduate degree in biology from Clemson University. …