Wayne State University Library System Awarded Grant

Article excerpt

Wayne State University Library System recently received notice that a $90,000 U.S. Department of Education Title IIC grant application was approved. The grant will fund the adding of records for the manuscript collections and oral history holdings of the Walter P. Reuther Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs into the OCLC database. The Reuther Archives and Wayne State University Library System are partners in this venture and will share staffing and expertise to complete the project.

The Archives was established in 1960 as a major research program of Wayne State University. It contains one of the most important archival collections in the U.S. on the history of the North American labor movement. In addition, it holds important collections relating to 20th century urban America. The Archives has attracted researchers from all parts of the U.S. and around the world, and historians have written many significant books based on work conducted in the Archives. Other research areas at the Archives include industrial Relations, Folklore, Women's Studies, Sociology, Psychology, and Speech, among others.

Currently, access to this material is available only through traditional archival means, which are usually printed materials and guides. This project will make machine-readable records of Archives' holdings available in OCLC and DALNET (Detroit Area Library Network), a multi-type library network administered by Wayne State University. DALNET uses NOTIS library search software, which allows users to search for words, including name and subject. This will allow scholars searching Archives' records to search for words in non-traditional places such as note fields, for example. The records will be offered to two other national bibliographic databases (Research Libraries Group and Western Library Network), so scholars across the country will have bibliographic access to holdings in the Archives. …