Nervana: The Quest for Discovery

Article excerpt

Webster's dictionary describes nirvana as "any place or condition of great peace or bliss." For Nosa Omoigui, chairman and CEO of Nervana, Inc., the spelling of the company's name may be slightly different, but the results are much the same.

Nervana introduced version 3.0 of the Nervana Discovery Solution, a natural language query system that produces smart discovery results. Omoigui, who said there are six patents pending on the technology, explained that researchers and knowledge workers in the life sciences can use this data query process to reach across a variety of data sets and ontologies. In fact, the latest beta version of the Nervana Discovery Solution won Best of Show at the Life Sciences Expo.

Finding data is a discovery problem, not a search problem, according to Omoigui, who was previously a program manager at Microsoft Research and a software design engineer and development lead at several Microsoft product groups.

Nervana's user benefits are twofold: The initial query/discovery process is easy and specific, and the results are highly relevant and listed efficiently. The discovery process can also be customized according to user need.

"The drag-and-drop innovation makes discovery simple," said Omoigui. "An entire document can be used as your query by pasting in an e-mail, PDF, URL, or Web page. …