U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

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The U.S. occupational Safety and Health Administration (oSHA)--www. osha.gov--has unveiled a new Publications page on its website that allows visitors to access the agency's resources in a more efficient, user-friendly way. "The OSHA Publications page is one of the most popular pages on the agency's website," said Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Edwin G. Foulke Jr. "The page was redesigned in an effort to make the site's content easier to access, while maintaining OSHA's commitment to providing valuable safety and health materials."

Visitors may order up to 25 copies of up to five publications using the new ordering capability. The feature is similar to "shopping carts" found on commercial websites, and helps visitors keep track of the publications and number of copies ordered.

Other new OSHA initiatives and products include:

* The addition of two new modules for its "Ergonomic Solutions for Electrical Contractors" e-Tool. The "Installation and Repair" module describes hazards encountered by employees who often dig trenches and pull and feed wire. The "Prefabrication" module discusses ergonomics-related hazards including heavy manual lifting, repetitive movements, and awkward or stationary positions.

* Instruction that details OSHA policies and procedures for inspecting workplaces that handle combustible dusts and that may have the potential for a dust explosion. Combustible dusts can come from metal, wood, plastic, textiles and organic materials such as grain, flour, sugar, paper, soap and dried blood. …