Top 10 Security Industry Private Investments for September

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Top 10 Security Industry Private Investments for September

Company             Investment   Lead
                    $ US (mil)   Investor

Scitor Corp            $500      Leonard Green

Time Domain Corp.      $25       Pharos Capital

NemeriX SA             $22       Atila Ventures

Atempo Inc.            $22       Intel Capital

Voice.Trust AG         $22       Marcel Boekhoorn

FaceTime               $16       Credit Suisse
Communications                   NEXT II Fund

CloudShield            $15       Tektronix, Inc.

PowerID Ltd.           $12       Partech International

CoVi Technologies       $4       Walden International

FrauclWall              $3       JK&B Capital
Technologies Inc.

Company              Analysis

Scitor Corp         Scitor, a provider of engineering and management
                    consulting services, was acquired by Leonard
                    Green, a private equity firm.

Time Domain Corp.   The manufacturer of ultra wideband products
                    intends to use the funding to accelerate
                    development of its new real-time asset-location
                    systems product line and to expand sales and
                    marketing activities.

NemeriX SA          The developer of ultra low power GPS and LBS
                    integrated circuits hopes the new Series C funding
                    will allow increased product development and help
                    the company outperform the growth of the market.

Atempo Inc.         The provider of cross-platform data protection
                    and archiving solutions will use the Series B
                    investment to leverage its storage management
                    solutions to address the backup, archiving, and
                    data storage management needs of companies that
                    depend on the Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and
                    iSeries operating systems. …