Looking Forward Again

Article excerpt

It was Terry Huwe who, in his column for this month's issue of Computers in Libraries, noted how fast this year seems to have slipped away, and I must agree. It seems like only yesterday we were concluding CIL's annual "looking forward" issue for 2011.

Where have we wound up this many months later? And what's ahead for 2013? 2013! As the millennium enters its teens, where does the library world find itself? Jostling for a position in a brave new world? On the verge of bold new pioneering beginnings? Or, back to basics?

The keynoter at ITI's Internet Librarian International conference in London this fall, R. David Lankes (Syracuse University), challenged attendees to think beyond the library as a place where knowledge resides back to the library's very roots as a place where discoveries are made and knowledge is created.

To emphasize the movement, he encouraged us to think of those who come into libraries not as patrons, users, or customers but as members, members of the learning space. …