Big Data Working Group Tackles Privacy and Security

Article excerpt

Just over two months after its launch, the Cloud Security Alliances" (CSA) Big Data Working Group published in November 2012 its initial list of the "Top Ten Big Data Security and Privacy Challenges." After interviewing CSA members and security practitioner-oriented trade journals, the working group determined that these challenges are:

1. Secure computations in distributed programming frameworks

2. Security best practices for nonrelational data stores

3. Secure data storage and transactions logs

4. End-point input validation/filltering

5. Real-time security/compliance monitoring

6. Scalable and composable privacy-preserving data mining and analytics

7. Cryptographically enforced access control and secure communication

8. Granular access control

9. Granular audits

10. Data provenance


The working group's report, which is available at cloudsecurity, describes these challenges and narrates use cases for each.

Formed in August 2012, CSA's Big Data Working Group is tasked with providing specific actionable information and creating standards for big data security and privacy. …