Borg's Bias

Article excerpt

The October 7 issue really pulled my cork with Marcus Borg's review of Charlotte Allen's excellent book, The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus. I would imagine that the selection of reviewer was a compromise between, say, Philip Yancey and John Spong. Other than asking Claire Bloom to review Philip Roth's newest novel, I can't think of a more sly choice than Marcus Borg, whose bias was amplified by the gratuitous headline warning the reader away from Allen's book with the words: "Partisan polemics."

Perhaps Borg's review is just another example that the wounded deer leaps highest. I agree that Allen has a point of view, but it is one which Borg does not really discuss save in the dismissive term "supernaturalist." I would accuse Borg of similarly particular points of view in his books. I think you should penalize Borg five yards and give Charlotte Allen a first down and a new reviewer.

Nicholas Carter

Milton, Mass.

It was almost comical reading the negative review of Charlotte Allen's The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus by Marcus Borg of Jesus Seminar "fame. …