Vets Won't Forget Fonda's `Hanoi Jane' Role

Article excerpt

Veterans who still are bitter about Jane Fonda's aid and comfort to the enemy during the Vietnam War provoked a "scheduling conflict" that forced the onetime antiwar activist to cancel an appearance before the American Bar Association, or ABA, convention in Atlanta early this month.

Fonda, remembered as "Hanoi Jane" for her 1972 excursion behind enemy lines to cheer on the North Vietnamese, was invited because of her "contributions to the arts and her important work with young people," the ABA had announced. The work with young people involves teaching them birth-control methods. Among the more memorable highlights of her career in the arts was her "sex kitten" role as an intergalactic adventuress in the sci-fi film, Barbarella.

Charles White, an Amarillo, Texas, lawyer and Vietnam veteran who organized a protest to get Fonda "disinvited," called the invitation "the ultimate insult, the ultimate act of disrespect." He told the Associated Press that the ABA has "members who were prisoners of war when she was doing her thing in Hanoi. …