Marriage-FriendlyTherapy: Helping Clients Find Theapists Who Share Their Values

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Helping Clients Find Theapists Who Share Their Values

Nearly a quarter of married couples in the United States get professional counseling at some point during their marriage. Unfortunately, many therapists treating couples have no formal training in marriage therapy, and there's no way for couples to know in advance if a therapist is qualified by dint of training and experience. (A little secret in our field is that even licensed marriage and family therapists don't have to have supervised training specifically in couples therapy.) Of course it's even harder for clients to know anything about a therapist's values about marriage, divorce, and the therapist's role when couples are on the brink of divorce.

Along with Kathleen Wenger, I founded The National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists in June 2005 as a web resource where couples and referring professionals can find trained and experienced therapists who specialize in marriage therapy, and whose first stance isn't to be neutral about the outcome of therapy, but to explore how the couple might preserve their marriage and find a path to a better relationship. …