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Bosley Crowther, who served so long with distinction and credibility as film reviewer for the N.Y. Times, has judiciously assembled in VINTAGE FILMS 50 movies he considered of lasting greatness. (Putnam $15.)

How U.S. films depict our northern neighbor is rapped in Canadian author Pierre Berton's unsparing book, HOLLYWOOD'S CANADA. Inaccuracies, distortions, caricatures and downright libels are fully documented in an indictment that should minimize future misconceptions. (McClelland & Stewart $13.95)

Indefatigable Kemp R. Niver, assisted by Bebe Bergsten, continues to explore Hollywood's past in a new book, KLAW & ERLANGER PRESENT FAMOUS PLAYS IN PICTURES. This fascinating and meticulously researched work deals with K & E's highly successful 1897 film, The Passion Play, and their later movie productions. (Locare$13.95)

In THE GREAT WESTERN PICTURES, James Robert Parish and Michael R. Pitts provide a detailed survey of the genre, listing cast-&-credits, plot synopses and critical analyses of over 300 representative films. Data on outstanding Western personalities, radio/tv programs and novels add to the book's interest. (Scarecrow $16.50)

Alvin H. Marill's comprehensive study, SAMUEL GOLDWYN PRESENTS documents the 80 films he produced between 1923 and 1959. Knowledgeable and entertaining, the book includes tills of Goldwyn's stars and principal collaborators. (Barnes $19.95)

In CLOSE UP: THE CONTRACT DIRECTOR, editor .Jan Tuska assembles lively and informative essays on 10 directors, among them Howard Hawks, William Dieterle, Lewis Milestone, Walter Lang, Bruce Humberstone, who were under exclusive studio contract in Hollywood's halcyon days. (Scarecrow $17.50)

Nancy Warfield's HANGIN' IN WITH THE HOLY GRAIL reports on the 1976 Sun Valley Western Film Conference. An "affectionate" memoir, perspicacious, well illustrated, it explains the continuing popularity of the genre. (Little Film Gazette, 227 W. 11 St., NYC 10011; $4.95)

Henry Random evokes movingly in MEMOIRS OF A MOVIEGOER the Depression of the 30's when, as a youth, he could escape harsh reality only in the excitement of the darkened halls. (Editorial Service Bureau, 730 E. 236 St., NYC 10466; $3.50)


A substantial and comprehensive guide, John M. Wozam's THE RECORDING STUDIO HANDBOOK charts the creative sound engineer's way through today's complex recording technology. Theory, equipment and procedures are thoroughly examined via text and illustrations. (Sagamore $35.)

The director's personal stamp on a film and the movie reviewer's perception of it are among the points raised by William Luhr and Peter Lehman in AUTHORSHIP AND NARRATIVE IN THE CINEMA, a critique of the film reviewers' failure to expand their craft from the merely personal to the generally esthetic. (Putnam $8.95)

Reviews excerpted from 27 major U.S., British and Canadian periodicals covering some 300 movies released between Fall 1975 and Summer 1976 are cumulated from the quarterly Film Review Digest in FILM REVIEW DIGEST ANNUAL 1976, edited by David M. …