Trust in Training

Article excerpt

Uphold your duty to employees by keeping them informed and prepared

THE PROPERTY MANAGER'S JOB IS ALWAYS A CHALLENGE, WHETHER TRAINING NEW EMPLOYEES OR STARTING AT A NEW SITE AND HAVING TO RE-TRAIN EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE BEEN THERE FOR SEVERAL YEARS. The essential things to emphasize from the start include providing good customer service and honest, fair and equal treatment to all. If employees fail to do the proper thing in regard to handling resident concerns, a resident could file a complaint with IREM for management's violation of Article 12 of IREM's Code of Professional Ethics: Duty to Tenants and Others.

In addition, every staff member should know the building's emergency procedures, including the fire evacuation plan. This plan must be documented in a manual and approved by the local fire department. It should also be framed and posted on every floor by the elevator. Be sure to also regularly update your list of residents needing special assistance to exit their unit in cases of an emergency. Without an emergency plan and procedures in place, the manager could be considered in violation of Article 10. Compliance with Laws and Regulations.

When hiring new employees, it is especially important to do a background check because employees will have access to the residents' units from time to time. If background checks are not performed on new hires and theft or loss to a resident's unit does occur by the staff, this can be filed as a violation of Article 8. Managing Assets of the Client.

A training manual is very useful to help train new employees on every aspect of the job. …