Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement

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Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement. Edited by Nicholas Lossky et al. Geneva: WCC Publications, 2002. 2d ed. Pp. xxvii, 1,296. SFr 125/$77.50/£58/euro79.

The issuing of the second edition of this already indispensable dictionary is evidence of the dramatic and rapid changes that characterize the ecumenical movement. Today's survey of the ecumenical movement must, after a scant hundred years' development, engage ecumenism in its Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Pentecostal/ Charismatic, indigenous, and nonWestern forms. All these perspectives are admirably respected in this resource.

The six editors (Nicholas Lossky, José Míguez Bonino, John Pobee, Tom F. Stransky, Geoffrey Wainwright, and Pauline Webb), who are themselves a guarantor of the quality and balance of the work, provide an accessible, well-organized, lucidly written, and remarkably comprehensive tool with this Dictionary; they added over forty articles to the first-edition collection and carried their coverage forward to 2002 (in at least some articles). The contributors represent a Who's Who of ecumenical experience and erudition. The brief bibliographies after each article guide the reader into the necessary literature. The alphabetical list of articles at the beginning helps in designing one's search; there is an index of names at the end and a very useful glossary of abbreviations to help one through the "alphabet soup" of modern acronyms. …