Real Estate Issues Celebrates 20 Years of Publication Excellence

Article excerpt


In Real Estate Issues' first edition, 1976 President Neil J. King, CRE wrote, "The scope of topics herein reflects the wide-ranging pursuits of the society's members whose interests include yet transcend brokerage, appraising, management, real estate securities, land development and mortgage banking." Looking ahead he predicted that "While Real Estate Issues addresses macro and micro matters related to real estate, articles will also appeal to those in allied fields: planners, architects, developers, economists, politicians, scientists and sociologists. Hopefully the perpetration of a common language based on experience and theory will benefit all who put real estate to use." Twenty years later, the journal is sought by industry experts as a forum to express and interpret major issues in commercial real estate. During the two decades of publication by The Counselors of Real Estate, the journal has benefited from the editorial guidance and wisdom of its four editors in chief: James H. Macmillan, CRE, 1976; Jared Shlaes, CRE, 1977-1986; Rocky Tarantello, CRE, 1987-1993; and our current editor Halbert C. Smith, CRE. These dedicated individuals, in partnership with the editorial board and Linda Magad as managing editor, have contributed to ensuring that REI's editorial direction will reflect and often predict the good and sometimes not so good cycles and technological changes in real estate. …