If Bank's out of State, You're Not out of Luck

Article excerpt

Byline: Mike Clark, Times-Union Reader Advocate

Dear Call Box: I have a complaint about an out-of-state bank. Is there a group or organization that will take my complaint? I hope someone can help me.


Dear J.S. If it's a national bank, contact the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency. You can identify a national bank if there is an "N.A." or the word "national" in its name. National banks represent about 30 percent of all insured commercial banks in the United States.

If it's a state-chartered bank in Florida, then you should call the Consumer Hotline of the Florida Department of Financial Services at 1-800-342-2762 or check its Web site at www.dbf.state.fl.us.

Either of those two agencies might be able to tell you which group regulates the bank in another state.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency charters, regulates and supervises national banks to ensure a safe, sound and competitive banking system that supports the citizens, communities and economy of the United States, its Web site reports.

The comptroller also takes complaints regarding credit cards and mortgage subsidiaries of national banks. …