Celebrities Fear Fraud Robbed Them of Votes; Humphrys and Frostrup Turned Away at Polls

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Political Correspondent BBC presenter John Humphrys today told how he fears he was the victim of postal voting fraud.

The broadcaster branded the system "disgraceful" after he was denied the chance to vote.

He said he was barred from casting his vote at a polling station because records showed he had applied for a postal vote.

Speaking on Radio 4's Today programme, which he presents, Humphrys said: "I was denied a vote yesterday.

"I was unable to vote because somebody had apparently, allegedly, put in an application for a postal ballot on my behalf. I certainly didn't. I hate postal voting."

His experience will fuel calls for urgent changes to the postal voting system for future elections.

At present, applicants do not need to provide any form of identification to obtain ballot papers through the mail.

The system was also attacked by Mariella Frostrup, who was "apoplectic" when she discovered she had been unwittingly registered for a postal vote. She said: "I set off with my nine-month-old daughter thinking this was what democracy is all about; got to the polling station, where I was told I was registered as a postal voter. …