SUPREME COURT; Outstanding Choice

Article excerpt

It is difficult to imagine a more qualified nominee for the Supreme Court than John G. Roberts Jr. As President Bush said Wednesday night, Roberts is "one of the best legal minds of his generation."

Roberts, 50, grew up in Long Beach, Ind., the son of a Bethlehem Steel executive. He received his undergraduate degree and his law degree from Harvard University. Roberts' legal experience is impeccable, having specialized in cases before the Supreme Court while in private practice.

In more than 30 cases before the court, he presented oral arguments on these specialties: admiralty, antitrust, arbitration, environmental law, First Amendment, health care law, Indian law, bankruptcy, tax, regulation of financial institutions, administrative law, labor law, federal jurisdiction and procedure, interstate commerce, civil rights and criminal law.

Roberts also served in the government as principal deputy solicitor general of the United States. Among his many duties, he participated in the judicial selection process.

Bush noted Roberts' experience, wisdom, fairness and civility. As The Washington Post reported, "In his first two years on the federal bench, his opinions have been generally noted for dispassionate reasoning rather than inflammatory language."

It is those qualities that made his confirmation process to the U. …