Airports Are a Disgrace; READER'S VIEWS

Article excerpt

BRITISH airports are a national disgrace.

They are too small, squalid and poorly served on all fronts. Customer service is only notional. I can generally choose my times to travel to avoid the worst of it; I feel great sympathy for those with children and the elderly.

As for security

where is the hand, face or eye scanner system that works so the human screening element is reduced? There is a total inconsistency on baggage rules compared with the rest of the world: one bag only on the flight out to the USA, and two on the way back.

God help you if you are an American transiting Heathrow or Gatwick. You board with two bags in New York, but when you get to the UK you are expected to magically reduce down to one.

And when you do get through security what is the firstshop you see? A luggage store! Prof Peter Cochrane, Cochrane Associates Co-Founder..

HAVING frequently flown out of Heathrow during the past 12 months, I agree with most of Nick Ross's piece summarising the terrible experience for passengers at this airport (11 June).

Large queues to conduct security checks present, in themselves, another viable target for terrorists, and one that can be struck with virtual impunity.

Until organisations such as BAA start investing in security staff and training them to the correct standard

not only in security issues but also customer relations the problems Ross describes will continue. …