Bring Back the Blitz Blackout to Save Power Says Kirstie; Energy Saviour: Kirstie Allsopp, Joint Author of a Tory Review on Housing Policy, Wants Home Owners to Reduce Electricity Consumption, Insulate Better and Black out Their Properties with Heavy Curtains

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HOMEOWNERS should be forced to black out their properties with heavycurtains as a means of saving energy, TV property expert Kirstie Allsopp saidtoday.

Ms Allsopp said that in the age of global warming it was "sociallyunacceptable" for people to waste electricity.

Britain's streets should resemble those during the Blitz when a blackout wasmandatory, she said.

"I feel hugely passionate about how damaging our homes are to the environmentand I think we need to do a great deal more. Everybody needs to realise thatunless we reduce quite considerably the energy we use in our homes we arewalking towards disaster. It's not necessarily about building more ecologicallyfriendly houses," she said, "it's about realising the housing stock we have canreduce its emissions." She went on: "My personal feeling is we should beslightly like the Blitz and if you walk down the street and people have theirlights on and curtains open it should be socially unacceptable because that'senergy coming out of your homes.

"It needs to be something people need to think about constantlyuse less water, use less energy and insulate better." Ms Allsopp, who presentsChannel Four's Location, Location, Location, was speaking at the launch of aConservative Party review on how to improve the homebuying process. …