TV and Internet Go for the Right Blend; in Association with NETPARK NET

Article excerpt


IN THE future the lines between TV and the web are set to become even more blurred.

The internet is now the hot medium for video delivery - BBC iplayer, 4OD, ITV catch-up, Demand Five and YouTube, to name but a few.

And, as people cut back on cable, satellite and films to save money, the trend is predicted to grow in 2009.

Combine this with the fact we can now watch these web services through our TV screens, and we must ask ourselves will television and internet video morph into a seamless whole?

Well, for a start, a popular misconception is that TV and internet have separate uses.

However, the Nielsen Company's new TV/Internet Convergence Panel, which electronically measures both television and internet usage in the same homes, has found that television viewing and online video streaming are actually complementary activities.

According to the Nielsen study, the heaviest users of the internet are also among the heaviest viewers of television.

Nielsen also found that over a third of in-home internet activity takes place while the user is watching television, demonstrating that there is a significant amount of simultaneous internet and television usage.

These findings would appear to be good news for broadcasters who worry the internet is siphoning away viewers, and with them advertising spend. …