New Constable Likes Action with the Force; Police Recruiting Expo Offers Potential Officers Window on Careers

Article excerpt

Byline: Amy Formosa

BEING stuck behind a desk all day didn't cut it for Rockhampton's Constable Amanda Jones, but her new job will be more arresting.

Only two weeks into her role, and she already loves the action of getting out and about as a general duties officer.

The Queensland Police Service, which employs more than 9500 officers, is holding a police Recruiting Expo at the Rockhampton PCYC at 10am tomorrow.

It should interest people like Constable Jones, who are interested in a career in the force.

The 24-year-old moved from Brisbane to Rockhampton after completing the police academy course in July last year.

As part of her academy training, Constable Jones said, she tagged along with experienced officers for two weeks.

And she witnessed a number of "incidents".

"I was on a job where there was a search for missing children; we dealt with people in crisis, right through to traffic operation, which gives you a big understanding of what it's going to be like," Constable Jones said. …